Book Review: The Windfall

Oh the trials and tribulations of the #blessed.  The Windfall looks at various families in Delhi’s upper class in what is essentially an adorable and humorous look at keeping up with the Joneses…or in this case, keeping up with the Jhas, the central family in this novel.

Mr. and Mrs. Jha have recently come into some money – quite a lot of money, in fact.  It is enough money to take them from the gossipy Mayur Palli housing complex in East Delhi to the exclusive and secluded community of Gurgaon.  There, gossip is at an all time high – who is drinking what imported wine, whose son has the luxury of working less, and who has the gaudiest painting are all up for discussion.  From nosy neighbors to pushy maids, the cast of characters is fun and eye-roll inducing.

4 out of 5 stars.

the windfall