3 on Thursday

I’ve been so tired this week for no real reason.  I met Danielle for dinner last night but have otherwise been enjoying my evenings at home.  I haven’t necessarily been sleeping well, but with Albert traveling for work, the house has been a nice, quiet environment where I can decompress after a string of long work days.  I’m looking forward to a fun wedding tomorrow and then seeing where the weekend takes me from there!

3 on thurs_8.9.18_1

I had a great time in Boston over the weekend.  I’m so glad I ended up making the last minute trip because otherwise it would be nearly two weeks apart from my beau.  The best part about this trip is that is wasn’t tied to anything.  With no weddings to attend, we could make our own schedule on the fly.  The whole weekend actually felt longer. 

3 on thurs_8.9.18_2

We spent Sunday afternoon at Boston’s 2nd annual seafood festival.  Though it was crazy hot, it was actually really fun.  They had a ton of vendors and I stuffed my face with four courses of seriously delicious seafood. The Seaport is actually one of the few parts of Boston I’d never really explored so it was nice to see something new.  And not just new to me – this area was all shiny new construction, which seems so different from the rest of Boston.  We’ll be back in The Seaport next month for a wedding so it was great to do a little recon – we’ll be the in-the-know ones of our friends!

3 on thurs_8.9.18_3

I’m not a big fruit person, but it was the middle of a heat wave when I went grocery shopping on Monday so these berries looked super inviting.  They ended up being delicious and didn’t even need any sugar.  I actually washed them all off and put them in a cute bowl rather than store them in the plastic container from the store, something that, for some reason, felt very adult.