Just before leaving for Boston, my beau texted me that Boston Mag recently named Pammy’s the best new restaurant in Boston and Bon App just named it one of the 50 best restaurants in all of the country – and what luck: it was walking distance from our hotel in Cambridge.  When I called on Saturday and learned they leave the bar area open for walk-ins, we decided to try our luck.  We got there at just the right time and snagged two seats.

Loved the murals on the building.  This place adds a little edge to Cambridge, which may be a college town…but it’s a Harvard kinda college town.  Edge is not their calling card.
They had some lovely fresh floral arrangements around the restaurant and a nice bar area.

I’m going to say this right now: I fully agree with Boston Magazine, as this was one of my favorite recent meals.  Here’s why…


The drinks are quite tasty.  I got the Fantazma, made with mezcal and cardamom bitters.  It may look like a simple vodka soda in that pic, but you should know be better than that.  It was yum yum.  I later got some wine and when I was unfamiliar with the list, they found me the perfect glass.


They brought out complimentary bread that you should definitely take advantage of.  It’s made in-house and is incredible.  I can’t tell you exactly what made it so special, but it was so good.  Perfect texture; perfect crust.


For appetizers, we got the antipasti plate to share that was really more than two people needed, but it was so good, especially the chicken liver mousse.  Even Albert enjoyed that, and mousse is not normally his cup of tea.


I also got the chilled cucumber soup for myself because I love cucumber soup and don’t normally find it on menus.  People, this was the best soup I’ve ever had.  The cucumber was puréed to pure velvet and there were lumps of burrata topped with crab and a few of the freshest peas ever floating in there.  It was incredible.  I know this is a super summer-y dish, but I would eat this every day of the year.  We could be in the middle of a February snow storm and I would welcome this soup with open arms.


For entrées, Albert got a swordfish special that came with corn.  Now, this is someone who claims to only like corn when it’s on the cob.  He, however, ate every bite of corn in this dish.  I think it’s because it still tasted so fresh and had clearly only just been sliced off the cob.


For my main course I got the lumache pasta.  I thought all the pastas looked great but the waiter told me this is the one he personally orders every time he eats at the restaurant.  It was soooo good.  It basically tasted like the spicy rigatoni from Carbone…except better.  The sauce was a little more nuanced (I think it was the use of gochujang?); and in this version you get meat.

I’m pretty much telling anyone in the Boston area to hit up Pammy’s for a good meal.  Honestly, I’m even telling people outside of the Boston area to check this place out.