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Sweet & Sour

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Sweet: My beau and I started Season 2 of The Sinner on Wednesday night.  I was worried it wouldn’t be as good as the first season (even though I knew they were pretty much being treated as separate miniseries), but it looks like I’m going to love this one too.  I also like that we have a new show to watch together after a hiatus of joint tv viewing.  I also love that even though we both had plans after work, we called it an early night and were able to spend that hour together.  With Albert traveling for work and client events every night since he’s been back, that hour was precious!

Sour: Even after working hard, the dress I was hoping to wear to a wedding tonight doesn’t quite fit and I had to go find a new one last night after work.  New goal: be able to wear it to a wedding in September.

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