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Roasted Corn and Brown Rice Salad

This is one of those unintentional dishes. Last night, for Taco Tuesday, I needed a side dish, preferably s vegetable. I had some of Trader Joe’s roasted corn in the freezer and figured it would have to do. But then I remembered my beau doesn’t really eat corn by the forkful so I decided to toss it with some brown rice (also in the freezer – one of those steamfresh things). Then I just kept adding things. I wanted to be on-theme so I mixed it up with some of Trader Joe’s chile lime seasoning along with some crumbled queso fresco.

The result was actually delicious! Just four ingredients, none of which require any effort and you have s nice healthy side dish that’s good at pretty much any temperature. While the corn, chile lime seasoning, and queso definitely have a Mexican vibe, the brown rice gives it a nutty, unexpected flavor. Rice is a standard taco side, but this was a lil something different – try it out next week, won’t you?

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