Salmon, Pea, and Parm Scramble

Y’all know I live turning leftovers into scrambles the next day. I had just a little salmon leftover from last night’s supper but it wasn’t enough to serve as the main protein. But mixed into scrambled eggs? That’s a full meal.

First scramble up two eggs, grated parm, and leftover salmon that you’ve broken up with a fork. I also like whisking in some sesame seeds here, maybe a dash of red pepper flakes. Salt and pepper go in there too, naturally. Set aside. Next, warm frozen peas in a pan with some butter. When they’ve lost the chill, pour in the egg mixture and scramble it all up.

When you think of salmon and breakfast, you usually think of smoked; however, I’m here to tell ya that leftover roasted salmon works just as well…dare I say better?