Gratitude 2018

Normally I schedule this post – my list of things I’m thankful for – on Thanksgiving Day. This year, however, I took the full Thanksgiving weekend to think about it. You see, I’ve had some tough times recently. My company shut down (meaning my job was no more), my dog had to be put to sleep, and several friends moved away. It’s nothing I can’t handle and actually reminds me that with all this crumminess, I still have tons to be thankful for. In fact, I’ve been writing in a gratitude journal regularly as a reminder of all the wonderful things in my life. Still, with this holiday season being a little different than those of years past, I took some extra time to think about what’s really important. There is still so much positive in my life. And with that, I present my gratitude list for 2017.

  • We moved into our new home. After an extremely long and tiresome process we purchased a home – our first together – and moved in. Not only were we fortunate enough to make such a big purchase, we were in a position to renovate and decorate it. As of August we finally felt truly settled, and it’s an amazing feeling.
  • Sephora lip stain is inexpensive and pretty awesome.
    • I am leaning in hard to our new Harlem neighborhood. I feel very lucky to love where I live. Great bars and restaurants, convenient to the subway, and a vibrant community. I couldn’t ask for anything more.
    • I found some great shows to binge this year. From British reality shows about baking to fun period pieces, my viewing habits cover all sorts of content. It’s been a nice distraction.
    • Not the first time I’ve said this, but our nephews ate the absolute CUTEST. Especially after spending so much time with them this weekend, I am so happy I get to watch them grow and be their funny little selves. Brooks already has such a distinct (adorable) personality, but it’s cool to see Reed’s personality emerge now.
    • We have been trying to bring in the Neudeck side of the family, hosting more family events. (I still can’t believe we pulled off Neudeck Thanksgiving!) Just like Brooks and Reed, it’s nice having occasions to see our niece, Delaney, develop her own personality.
    • I discovered Peloton. Not only am I able to give up my gym membership, I love having a new workout that I’m excited to get up and do regularly. I can’t believe I get to live in a building with a gym, much less a gym with a Peloton!
    • Somehow we managed to squeeze in a vacation this year. Our Mexico work trip and San Diego wedding weekend were fabulous and reminded me that we’re pretty good travel partners. I can’t wait to see where we go next.
    • My beau came home one day – out of the blue – with a cute whiteboard for the fridge so we can keep track of our busy schedules. I’m so lucky to have a partner who wants our place to feel extra homey and who is all for communication, since we all know that’s key.
    • I legit became a regular somewhere. This has long been a goal for me so I’m so happy the baristas at my local coffee shop know me by name.
    • I have love love loved going to so many fun weddings. That said, I can officially say our wedding agenda is slowing down after years of having a boatload to attend. For the last decade, I’ve had at least five per year (up to 10). Next year we only have 3 on the calendar (two of which are on the same day) and I am actually excited about what we can do with so many more free weekends.
    • I still live near a Trader Joe’s and it just makes my life better.
    • It took some time, but I’m re-invigorated to write more and do other [free] things that make me happy, like volunteering. Without a job, I’m short on cash but full with time and I should make the list of it. It’s so important to turn these lemons into lemonade!