Roast Beef and Potato Bites with Horsey Sauce

Beef and potatoes. Roast beef and horseradish sauce. These are two pairings that go super well together. So why not put them all into one cute bite?

There are now pre-made horseradish sauces on the market, but I was told I just had to make my own. It’s actually super easy so I recommend doing it yourself too. It’s a sour cream base with horseradish, a bit of mayo, and Dijon mustard. I followed this recipe and added the white part of some scallions (minced). Make the sauce in advance and stick it in the fridge. While I made the sauce myself, I took help from the store with the potatoes. I cooked up a bag of Alexa frozen waffle fries. They take about 40 minutes. While they cooked, I brought the other ingredients (the sauce and about 30 slices of fresh deli roast beef) out of the fridge so they could come to room temp. Top each waffle fry with a bundled slice of roast beef, a dollop of horsey sauce, and sliced scallions (the green part).

Roast beef and horsey sauce always feels very elegant. This is basically a mini carving station from a fancy party. To me, that feels very holiday-ish so keep this in mind if you’re planning to host a seasonal shindig this year.