Latke Board

When I saw latke boards popping up over Instagram (like this one), I knew I had to get in on the action. It’s a full meal on one platter that still allows for some DIY/customization. And it satisfies my cheese board itch (since I pretty much make a cheese plate every single weekend now). I know Chanukah is over, but this is a tasty treat all year long and could be a fun Xmas Eve meal if, ya know, you’re not actually celebrating Xmas. And if nothing else, it’s always good to put this in the back of your mind for next year!

Latkes can’t be the whole meal – you need some protein! I didn’t grow up eating brisket on Chanukah (our meal was always fried chicken, ribs, latkes, and biscuits), but I know it’s a common main course for the holiday. I didn’t feel like making a brisket so I stuck some chuck stew meat in the crock pot for about 4 hours (on high) til it could be shredded/chopped up. To the beef I’d added 2 bay leaves, and garlic, zaatar, dried parsley, celery salt, and stock with honey – all to taste. I was totally winging it with the beef prep but ended up loving the combo. When the meat is about 20 minutes from being done, start frying up your latkes. When you start the latkes, also start caramelizing an onion. When it’s time to assemble the platter, just throw on whatever toppings look good. I made horsey sauce, sour cream with dried dill and everything bagel seasoning, apple sauce, capers, sliced cucumber, and caviar. I don’t like lox, but if I did (or was serving guests who did) I would have included it on this board as well.

Are you team apple sauce or sour cream? I think apple sauce on latkes is vile, but my beau likes it so I included it. And that’s exactly what makes this latke board so great! everyone can make the kind of latke they like. For one of mine, I did horsey sauce, shredded beef, and caramelized onions; the other was topped with dill/everything bagel sour cream, capers, and caviar. There’s something for any type of latke lover here.