3 on Thursday

The holidays are in full swing over here! I never mind the cold so much when I’m surrounded by twinkle lights and holiday cheer. I know I’ll be 100% over it in three weeks, but for now, I’m enjoying the holiday happiness that seems to be everywhere.

It doesn’t need to be a big production, but a simple happy hour can really elevate an otherwise boring night. When my beau got back from a business trip last Thursday, I had a small platter ready with some olives, a meat, and a cheese. We snacked on it with some vino while watching The Family Stone, a favorite holiday flick. It wasn’t any sort of major spread, but it made a regular weeknight a little special.

We got our tree over the weekend and decorated it this week. I always love watching my beau pick out the tree. He’s a very discerning Xmas tree shopper.

After a particularly poor sleep earlier this week, I decided to dive into the day. I got in a good workout, put on makeup and real clothes, prepped a full supper, and spent a few hours in the coffee shop getting some work and writing done. And you know what? It made me feel better.