3 on Thursday

After a last minute weekend trip to Boston with a lot of running around, I’ve been enjoying a chill week and relatively low key weekend coming up. A couple of our friends have never seen our new place so we’re hosting them appies tomorrow before heading out for a fun night out in the neighborhood. But first, it’s a Valentine’s celebration! I’m not a big Valentine’s kinda gal, but I do like the excuse to go to a nice dinner and so happy my beau surprised me with a reservation at my favorite Italian spot.

I took up valuable space in my tiny suitcase with tennis shoes, so I was committed to working out once in Boston. The hotel we stayed at featured a really nice gym; however, I changed my plans when I learned where we were meeting friends later that evening. When I Google Mapped the bar, I realized the Boston 305 Fitness studio was directly next door. If I took a 2:30 class and brought a change of clothes with me, the timing of my workout + shower/getting ready would work out perfectly. I was so happy I still got to squeeze in one of my favorite workouts while on vacation. I’ve mentioned before that going to a local fitness class is one of my favorite things to do while traveling, and this was no exception. And don’t you just love the message they’ve got on the steps up to the studio?!

My cooking usually falls into two categories: testing new recipes or relying on the basic, tried and true ones. Rarely do I re-visit those recipes I tried and loved, regardless of how unique or simple they are. This week, I was determined to change that and turned to old blog posts and cookbooks for inspiration. I made Philly Cheesesteak Tacos for the first time since I wrote about the recipe and took to an old cookbook to prepare a twist on paprikash. Both times I asked myself why it had been so long since I prepared these dishes. I need to remember to use my own recipe arsenal more often!

I’ve been keeping my nails polish-free for a couple weeks to strengthen them back up (and because I ran out of nail polish), but I couldn’t take it any longer. I much much prefer my nails painted. I feel whole that way. Last night I picked up a bottle of polish and got some color back on my nails. I’m a much happier person today.