What’s Cookin?

Get ready: February is the last month with a long weekend for a while. Make it count.


  • Restaurants:
    • Ummm how did I not know Taco Bell Cantinas were a thing? Apparently, they look cooler, have a custom menu, and serve booze. Apparently there are several in the city and I need to go immediately.
  • Cooking:
    • I love rice bowl meals and this egg roll bowl is one I definitely want to try. This is also one of several recipes I’ve recently drooled over to use ginger. Fresh is always best but hard to come by in my neighborhood. Time to – at the very least – get the ground kind to round out my spice cabinet.
    • How amazing would these red wine mushrooms be with a steak dinner? I would use whatever wine I was serving with the steak and maybe toss in some rosemary.

Food for Thought

  • This book (Villa Air-Bel) about a safe house in Marseille that harbored artists like Chagall looks interesting, if not a bit long.
  • These love letter napkins (with the words of literature’s most famous romantics) are charming and would make for a great ice breaker at a dinner party.

Bits & Bites

  • There’s a museum for just about everything. I regularly frequent art museums and thought NYC’s Museum of Sex was the wackiest thing out there…turns out there are tons of niche museums to explore.
  • As someone in the marketing field, I find this video about naming products (from the guy who has named brands like Blackberry and Swiffer) super interesting.