Seasonal Tastes: February 2019 – Penne with Sausage, Baby Broccoli, and Spinach

Fresh sausage from the butcher is made to go in pasta. Simple as that. All you need is some veggies and parmesan and you’re good to go. And for those veggies, I decided to use baby broccoli and spinach, both of which are in season right now.

Start by removing sausage from it’s casing and crumble in a pan. Tip: use a large saucepan, maybe a soup pot or wok – you’ll thank me later. I used a white wine and garlic sausage I picked up at the butcher’s, but regular Italian sausage would work well here (just add some garlic to the pan with your veggies in that case). Once the meat is all browned, set it on a paper towel-lined plate. Around this time you should get some penne pasta going. Now go back to your saucepan and start sautéing baby broccoli (cut into 1″ pieces) and let that get tender. Add a bag of fresh spinach to the pan. Once everything is all cooked/wilted, add the sausage to the veggie mixture and make sure it’s warmed through. Finally, add the pasta and toss with grated parmesan. It’s not pictured, but I also tossed mine with some pesto. I loved how the pesto worked with these veggies so I highly recommend it.

My beau isn’t big on pesto so he kept his plain and that’s why the main bowl doesn’t show any of that gorgeous green sauce. I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t be into pesto and just chalk it up to some people being silly. That said, I must also be silly because I’d never cooked baby broccoli before this meal and feel like I’ve been missing out on lots of nutrients and flavor. Note: I have no idea what kind of nutrition baby broccoli is actually packing, but it felt like I was doing something good for my body and that’s gotta count. Plus, I know fresh spinach is filled with all sorts of good things so even though I made a meal of sausage and pasta, I don’t feel totally awful about my choices.