3 on Thursday

By the time this post goes up, there will only be about 30 minutes left of Thursday, but i couldn’t bear to go dark. Today was packed with meetings and I’m still making my way through the haze that resulted from spending nearly 24 hours in the emergency room this week (I’m fine; don’t worry). It took some time, but my body clock is regulated now, and I’m ready to rock. This weekend we’re going to Connecticut for our nieces 3rd birthday, and I’m looking forward to seeing that side of the fam. (I’m an idiot and had the date wrong last week…good thing I was able to switch that rental car rezzy!)

I tried all sorts of new items this week. I gave in to all the influencers (especially Eva Chen) who have been praising sumo citrus. It’s the most massive orange. I was skeptical, and it’s expensive, but it was probably the best orange I’ve ever had. I also finally got to try cotton candy grapes. I don’t know how or why these grapes taste like unicorns cotton candy, but I loved it. Weird but delish. The golden berries were my least favorite find – a little too tart and not as exciting. But they had great texture and good flavor – I bet they’d be good roasted with chicken. I even tried glass pot yogurt, which just looks so chic. I’m not really a fruit or yogurt person – in fact, this platter probably maxed out my personal quota for the year – but it happened to be a surprising refreshing and satisfying lunch. Live discovering new foods!

After nearly 24 hours in the ER this week, nothing could have possibly beaten a warm mug if apple cinnamon tea on the couch, with a cozy blanket, while catching up on This Is Us.

Brit gave me the heads up about a cool networking event so we went together tonight. We heard from some of the coolest female entrepreneurs around and got to check out the new Made by We space – very cool. I wish there was a bit more networking happening, but at least the conversation was good and I got to hang out with Brittany. I hope to check out more events in the space soon. I hear there’s a women in food one coming up – talk about being right up my alley!