3 on Thursday

This week has been crazy busy. I’ve had something every night, Tuesday through Saturday. Since I’m still in detox mode, though, it’s not too bad because I’m not waking up hungover and struggling.

I discovered a new coffee spot in our area that doesn’t have the best coffee, but they do have some great empanadas. Definite benefit of living adjacent to Spanish Harlem.

I finally scored some of the Trader Joe’s cauliflower gnocchi everyone raves about. Thankfully, after I posted something in my insta stories, I received tons of DMs telling me not to follow the package directions. It still comes out a bit gummy so I maybe don’t think it’s as absolutely amazing as the world claims BUT it was still great and does taste a lot like the real thing. It’s definitely good enough for me to add it to the supper rotation, allowing me to satisfy the carb craving without the guilt.

I started a new job yesterday, and it’s one I am super excited about. It has been a long road back to stability after the last company I worked at shut their doors, laying everyone off without notice. I am extremely lucky to have 1) learned a lot through this experience 2) found freelance opportunities in between and most importantly 3) had the support of a husband who could pick up the slack when we suddenly became a one income household, encouraging me to wait for an opportunity that I really liked. I pumped myself up for my first day with a new outfit and coffee from my favorite local spot, which I haven’t been frequenting lately in favor of brewing at home for cheap.