What’s Cookin?

My world in March



  • I love the concept of wine tasting/supper club and new restaurant Niche Niche. I also love that there seems to be interesting themes and the price isn’t crazy.
  • Canal Street Market opened during the summer, but I never found myself in the area. Now, I’m basically working across the street and am loving all the deliciousness there. It won’t be long before I’ve worked my way through all the vendors.
The delicious selection at Ample Hills (I live for that honey flavor!)


  • I love this idea! Pantone (yes, the paint people) has come out with a cookbook and it’s organized by color, which I just find to be super fun and visually appealing. If the recipes are actually good, I just may have to invest.
  • My father celebrated his 65th birthday with a nice supper at home with the fam at our beach house. They had recently bought squid ink pasta at Eataly while in Boston and they cooked it up with this recipe my sister in law found. Everyone loved it, including my 4 year old nephew who is typically very skeptical when it comes to things like black noodles. Based on the rave reviews, I’m guessing I’ll be making this in my own kitchen soon enough.
Tacos are always a good idea

Food for Thought

  • I love book clubs and like that several celebs have started virtual ones so we can all read with a sense of community and without a huge commitment. I follow along with Oprah, Reese Witherspoon, and Emma Roberts’ picks but was surprised and impressed to learn that Andrew Luck (yes, NFL player Andrew Luck) has a book club. His is unique in that each month he offers two picks: one for Rookies (young readers) and another for Veterans (more seasoned readers). Only about 40% of his picks have appealed to me, but I love what he’s doing and may find myself discovering some new titles.
  • I discovered Gare’s Instagram account simply by looking at the #bookstagram feed when I was bored. I absolutely love that most posts include a dream cast for the reviewed book.
A pop-up flea market in our neighborhood…is Harlem getting hipster?

Bits & Bites

  • I’m a huge believer in not building your entire life around your significant other/children. I need friend-time on the reg to maintain my sanity and keep things fresh. Turns out, breaking away for time with your friends (with something like a girls trip, for example) is actually good for your health.
  • I’ve always loved Rifle Paper Company’s design, even if it’s become a bit pervasive. I’ve also always been a fan of using paper goods for parties (keep things simple, amirite?). Put those two things together and I’m sure you can guess I’m excited for Rifle Paper Company’s new party goods line of products. I definitely need a few sets of the paper fans to create a photo backdrop at our next shindig.