East Harlem Bottling Co.

I remember driving down Lex during some gorgeous late summer weather and seeing people eating outside Harlem Bottling Company. They looked like they were having such a lovely time, and further inspection via Instagram indicated the food was nice and comforting with a craft beer list that would make my beau happy. Before I had a chance to go, however, it got cold and I no longer wanted to walk the 10 blocks and 2 avenues to get there.

Now, spring is slowly starting to arrive and we had a sunny weekend day, prompting us to finally check out our East Harlem neighbor. It was still to chilly to sit outside, but a walk was definitely in the cards.

We started with the fried cheese curds, served with a homemade ranch. These are a perfect appy. For entrees, Albert got an omelette packed with veggies, and I got a BLT + avocado. The toast was a little hard, so it wasn’t an easy sandwich to eat (better as an open faced one), but all the fillings were great.

This place is an ideal chill neighborhood spot. I love that they have specials for holidays like St. Patty’s and Marduk Gras. It’s the kind of place that feels sufficiently “brunchy”…while also being the kind of place where you don’t feel underdressed in tennis shoes and a hoodie…and where you don’t mind ponying up to the bar to watch a game. East Harlem Bottling Co. is the Everyman of bar/restaurants, apparently.