3 on Thursday

This has been a super busy week that has made me want to hide away from the world for a bit…except I don’t have time for that! Tomorrow night I’m off to DC, and I’m actually really excited to have several hours on the train to just zone out.

Last week we celebrated Swedish Midsummer in our office since we’re a Sweden-based company, after all. While it was a low key celebration, it gave me the excuse to head to pick up lots of treats at Sockerbit. Yes, I posted about this last week, but I just ate a leftover gummy and was reminded of how great this spread was.

We had a going away party on a booze cruise last week. It was POURING all day, including while we waited to board the ship. But then something amazing happened. The rain stopped and the sun came out. It was a lovely way to spend the afternoon. I am most at home by the marsh, but in the absence of marsh, I’ll take an afternoon on a boat any day.

This Mama’s One Sauce is amazing. We tried it at a local food festival and after tasting it and then learning they donate to charity, my Mom decided to get me a full set of sauces. The spicy version is also great. It goes well on everything. It’s a very nice addition to my pantry.