After a heat wave, NYC was hit with some serious rain that cooled things down quite a bit – so much so that I actually craved ramen yesterday. I didn’t want to pay for the fancy and expensive stuff in Canal Street Market so I simply Google mapped the closest place. Bassanova popped up and it may not have been any cheaper, but it was delicious.

I had never heard of Bassanova Ramen before, but apparently it’s big in Japan. There are a bunch of options and since I did no prior research, I didn’t get any of the items they were more famous for. (Supposedly you should get the green curry. Consider this your heads up.)

I ordered one with a truffle infused broth because I most recently had a delightful truffle ramen and wanted to recreate the experience, I suppose. This was different, but not at all bad. The truffle flavor was subtle but gave it just a bit of something extra. The menu has been created so each broth is paired with the best noodles for the job and mine came with thin noodles, which, I admit, complemented this combo of ingredients nicely. I added an egg and bamboo shoots. The egg is a must, but the bamboo shoots were just meh – sliced a bit too thick.

For a bare bones establishment, this isn’t cheap. With my two additions, my total came to almost $20. So that plan to get cheaper ramen? Yea, that didn’t happen. But it was good ramen so I can’t complain. This is a great spot if you’re looking for some non-Chinese food in Chinatown that’s still right in the heart of it all on Mott Street.