Guerilla Tacos

On a recent trip to LA, one of my coworkers was determined to take me to her favorite taco spot. Never one to turn down tacos, I happily went with her to Guerilla Tacos.

What started as a food truck is now a popular full-on restaurant in DTLA. They specialize in street tacos, but they’re just a bit fancier than the norm. The setting is also fun – graffiti walls, mismatched plates – fits perfectly in the Arts District.

Rebecca got the sweet potato taco because it’s her favorite on the menu and Ariana got the enchiladas which looked great. I didn’t try either, but they looked quite satisfied. The three of us shared the stuffed zucchini blossoms, and I have to say this is the only thing that wasn’t a hit. They lacked flavor and salt and when you’re talking about something that’s packed with ricotta cheese and deep fried, it’s really a shame when you can’t make it great.

After a bit of research, I knew the pork belly taco would have to be part of my order. Pork belly is always good, but this one came topped with smoked trout roe and WHY DO MORE TACOS NOT HAVE THIS AS A TOPPING?! Also, the pork belly itself was nice and crispy – not too fatty at all. My second taco was the baja shrimp, which had a crispy corn flower batter (I think?). The slaw on this one was great and overall it exceeded my expectations when it came to baja tacos.

Finally, we shared the dulce de leche doughnuts, which had little fried corn chip crumbs on top. What a revelation of a doughnut topping that was.

There are a few mainstays, but the menu is generally seasonal, which is a nice perk when it comes to tacos. Also, if I lived in LA I would definitely hit them up for the omakase. I have no clue what a taco omakase would entail, but I have a strong sense it would be good.