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Tim Ho Wan

Thank you thank you, Tim Ho Wan, for opening a second location in NYC because now there’s no more 3 hour wait for the famous dim sum. The menu here is small – for dim sum, that is. And don’t expect anyone walking around with a cart you pick from. But the nibbles are delicious and oh so satisfying.

We started with some veggie dumplings, which were full of real vegetables – and a nice mix at that. This was not some indiscernible minced mélange. The only problem was that the super thing wrapper (otherwise a good quality) stuck to the paper and they broke apart a bit.

The turnip cakes had a nice crust on top – almost like the caramelized portion of tadig, the Persian rice dish. This texture distinction put it a level above other turnip cakes.

What a nice little surprise inside the sticky rice in lotus leaf! At the bottom of this little package, we found chicken in a mushroom sauce.

The pork buns were the star of the night. THIS must be what people wait three hours for. They’re baked, not steamed, and have a dusting of sugar on top. So so good.

The Har Gow was a last minute add because I wanted to try just one more dumpling after the less than satisfying breakage of the veggie dumplings. I actually ended up preferring them. The shrimp was plump and flavorful without being fishy.

Now that it’s easy enough to get a seat, make sure you go to Tim Ho Wan. It feels simpler than most Chinese meals, which is exactly what I’m looking for in the middle of this crazy holiday season.

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