Crack Celery

Celery is not what comes to mind when I think about addictive snacks. But this recipe was all over Pinterest saying it was just that so I decided to make it for Friendsgiving and it was, in fact, crazy good.

I followed the recipe closely (only leaving out the parsley because I ran out). Otherwise, you’re simply mixing cream cheese, chopped pickles, crispy bacon, onion powder, garlic powder, and salt together and piling into little celery boats. Top the whole thing with dried dill.

I would drain the pickles a bit because you don’t want the dip to get too liquidy. Thankfully, the bacon helps soak some of that up – just something to be mindful of.

So, yea, this is way way better than ants on a log – the only other stuffed celery I’m familiar with. But this one has bacon and the other has raisins. Those ants didn’t stand a chance. This is actually a great thing to bring to a Thanksgiving/Friendsgiving celebration. So much of the food at those gatherings is soft and mashed – this packs quite the crunch.