Cyber Week Strategy

Black Friday pretty much started the Tuesday before Thanksgiving this year and lasted straight through Cyber Monday. Still, I kinda forgot about it and didn’t take advantage of all the deals – particularly when it came to clothes. Basically, I bought things that had been sitting in my shopping cart and never got around to purchasing…til I got about ten thousand email reminders and the bonus of a major discount. Not much of a strategy, but I still lucked into some steals without buying things I didn’t actually need. Why am I telling you all this when you no longer have the chance to buy? Because before you know it, Labor Day sales will hit and this could serve as some good inspo.

  • LAKE Pajamas: I love love love LAKE’s pima cotton pjs but they’re pricey, even on sale (my short-short set was $64). That’s why I jump to buy a pair the two times they go on sale a year. I know my size so I add them to my bag and immediately purchase the moment I get the sale alert.
  • Outdoor Voices: This is another favorite brand where I know my size. The discounts were pretty major and since I know my sizes, I didn’t need to belabor the purchase. They were offering 25% off everything, including sale items (which they rarely have in the first place) so I wound up with sports bras for $27 and leggings for $45 – that’s very cheap for workout clothes, especially of this quality.
  • Ornaments: I always gift my beau an ornament or two and prefer to buy Lowcountry themed ones to match our tree. I always get them at a boutique in my hometown or Etsy, both of which have deals for Black Friday/Small Business Saturday.
  • BaubleBar: This site is generally inexpensive, but it’s tough to get me to go wild on anything fake. That said, every jewelry collection needs a base of fun costume pieces so I waited til the big sale and got two pairs of statement earrings at 35% off ($22 and $23, respectively).
  • Glossier: I was offering up to 35% off and I happened to have a $50 gift card so I bought plenty of items (haloscope, two eyeliners, and eyeshadow) and only paid $10.
  • Urban Outfitters: I’m looking to move photos off the window ledge and onto picture shelves to de-clutter things a bit. I had been eyeing some from West Elm and PB Teen but found some even cheaper and more unique on Urban Outfitters. At full price they were slightly cheaper than the others so while the $75 total shopping cart discount wasn’t as big as the percentage the other places were offering, my total was less – even with the garland I added to my order!
  • Artifact Uprising: I designed our holiday cards and just let them sit in the shopping cart until this 20% discount hit. This was my one pre-planned strategic purchase and I saved a ton on something I was going to be buying no matter what.
  • Macy’s: At the risk of providing TMI, it’s time for us to purchase new bedding because my beau’s side has yellowed from sweat. I guess he just likes to feel cozy so he cradles the comforter and pillow in his armpit and now they’re no longer crisp looking. I found a very similar duvet cover/shams on super sale ($127 for king size) and have purchased that, along with a blanket and extra set of pillows and pillowcases (these and these). The new plan is to remove the duvet and shams each night so they keep their color. Ya live and learn, I guess.

The most important piece of my strategy, however, was to remember that after all this is Giving Tuesday. I may have spent a chunk of change, but I made sure to have enough leftover to donate to a worthy cause. One thing I never want to say or hear is “I can’t donate to charity because I spent so much on Black Friday that now I can’t afford it.” My personal favorite charities are Joyful Heart Foundation and No More, but there are tons of worthy causes. In the spirit of Giving Tuesday, several brands are offering deals today that are total win-wins. If you like Outdoor Voices as much as I do, make your purchase go further by buying this tee because 100% of those sales go to the ACLU. Aerie, home to comfy and inexpensive undies that I lurve, is working with Lola to donate period supplies to women in homeless shelters for every bundle of panties purchased. I will also likely be donating to a charity that champions literacy. I like Read With Malcolm and Barbershop Books. This roundup is also a good place to start.