Zenon Taverna

Girl of the 21st Century? That’s what I kept asking when Karina said we were going to go to Zenon for lunch. Where my Disney Channel kids at?! Sadly, this post is not about a made for tv movie but is, in fact, about a great Greek restaurant in Astoria.

We started by sharing a big mezze platter, which is typically my favorite part of any Greek meal. This one was good, though not particularly standout.

I actually had myself a second little appetizer because it was a cold and rainy day and soup just sounded soooo good. Their avgolomeno (lemon orzo chicken soup) was great. This would be an ideal thing to order if you’re sick. In fact, when I recently came down with a stomach bug, I found myself wishing we lived within delivery radius of this soup.

For our entrée, Hart and I decided to split several smaller plates. We got the lamb meatballs, haloumi, and octopus. The octopus was the crowd favorite for sure.

It hasn’t been that long since we got back from Greece and those flavors are still fresh in my mind. Zenon did them justice.