Twenty Twenty

The last year and a half has included plenty of ups and downs, most noticeably with my career. The result has been living in “just getting things done mode.” Now that I’m feeling a bit more settled in life, I’d like to approach 2020 more thoughtfully.

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  1. I mentioned in my Spring 2019 checklist that I missed spending a Sunday morning reading the New York Times. I recognize this is not something I can do every week (that paper is a beast), but I would like to vow to take time to do this (or a version of it with a stack of magazines) one Sunday per month. Maybe I’ll treat myself to the weekender subscription?
  2. I’m not a fiction writer (personal essays are where it’s at for me), but I have a concept for a fiction story I’d like to tell. I’d like to commit to 1 hour per week to writing it. Or maybe I’ll attempt NaNoWriMo?!
  3. I’d like to be better about journaling. I’ve come to terms with the fact that keeping a traditional journal is not a habit I can consistently maintain. I’m much better about regularly writing a gratitude list, but even that tends to fall by the wayside when I’m busy. I’d like to try a Grid Journal. I saw it in the app store and think it might work since I’m already so connected to my phone. Reacting to prompts would also be much easier. I’d still like to print them all out so I can have an annual record of things. Figuring out the specifics, but it’s a 2020 goal.
  4. Our trip to Greece was nearly perfect and taught me a lot about how we like to travel. It pretty much solidified our thoughts on ideal trip length, preferred types of properties, activities we most enjoy, benefits of hiring a photographer, and the beauty of using points. I’d like to plan another one for 2020 and have my sights set on a few different places.
  5. Our apartment has come a long way, but there are still a few things to be done that will make it feel more organized and intentional. The two projects I want to focus on in 2020 are kitchen utensil organization and hanging shelves in the living room to create a better space for photos and tidy up the areas where photos are currently spattered.
  6. Go to the dentist. Maybe even invest in Smile Direct Club?
  7. Find a new volunteer opportunity. I loved mentoring and did it for about six years. Now, however, I feel like I might be too old to be relatable to a high schooler. I’d like to find something new that brings joy to me and others.