Quarantine Q&A

These are unprecedented times we’re living in. Nothing of this magnitude has hit the world since cholera or influenza (before any of us were alive). Since I’m not leaving my house, I’ve had a lot of time to think about the situation and decided to do a lil interview with myself about all things Coronavirus:

  • What does your day look like? Like most of NYC (and the country?), I’m currently working from home for the foreseeable future. Technically, we’re just WFH for two weeks, but I have a feeling that will be extended. When I was freelancing, I learned how important it was to develop a routine when you’re not going into the office so I set my alarm every day, get dressed, and make the bed. I eat at a normal lunchtime rather than snack throughout the day. I make sure I schedule a workout. I don’t treat any day like a snow day – just because I get an extra hour of sleep since I’m not commuting doesn’t mean I’m drinking on a random Tuesday.
    • HOT TIP #1: With gyms being closed, there are plenty of ways to get in a good – and free – workout. Boutique fitness studios like 305 Fitness and Barry’s Bootcamp are streaming workouts and you can download the Peloton app (first 3 months free) so you can do strength training or outdoor runs with a trainer.
    • HOT TIP #2: Getting in a workout is keeping me sane. That said, in the effort to maintain a routine, I’m trying to keep my standard work schedule. That means, things like gym time and laundry occur before or after working hours. This will keep you from half-assing it at work.
  • What are some activities you’re doing while stuck in the house? I’m trying to plan the day out so it feels like a true separation between work and play while still occupying the same space. After 5pm, I’m planning to do lots of cooking (plenty of time to test out new recipes), reading, and working out. And there’s nothing for the sanity like getting outdoors for a simple walk. I’m also planning to tackle a puzzle. Maybe I’ll pick up a hobby like crochet? I also spend this time planning fun things for when this is all over. Hopefully our trip to Hawaii is far enough out that it won’t need to be rescheduled so I’m having fun looking up restaurants and activities for our vacation. I’m also planning dream vacations so I have wanderlust Pinterest boards I can reference in a year or two when I’m planning another vacay. Nexflix and podcasts are my besties right now. Oh and this is a great time to do your taxes – no excuse now!
  • How have you created a work from home space? It’s very important for me to sit at a table. I’m just less productive when I bring my laptop to the couch or bed. I also bought a plant to brighten up the space and am thinking this is the perfect opportunity to develop a green thumb. Albie is also working from home and we’re lucky to have a second bedroom so we can each have our own space.
  • What’s some content we should consume? I’ve got so many recommendations!
    • Books: Some recent fave reads and top picks from the last couple years include The Holdout, Dear Edward, Hey Ladies!, An Absolutely Remarkable Thing, and We Were The Lucky Ones. Next up on my list are Trick Mirror, Too Fat Too Slutty Too Loud, City of Girls, The Power, and All Your Twisted Secrets.
    • Movies: This is your chance to work your way through the Oscar nominees and decide if you agreed with the Academy. I’m finally going to watch Little Women and The Farewell. I also loved Jo Jo Rabbit, Parasite, Joker, and Uncut Gems.
    • TV: I fell down the Love Is Blind hole and recommend you do too. It’s garbage but in the best possible way. Somehow I still think Lauren and Cameron are the real deal and am rooting for them hard. I started watching Project Runway again and am in awe of their talent. I remember why I used to love that show. My last big binge was Pose and I highly recommend it. You is also great. I’m hoping Gentefied is good because that’s center of my radar right now. I’m on the fence about Zoey’s Infinite Playlist, but it could be some good escapism when I’m not feeling reality tv like Shahs of Sunset (which I’m usually feeling, of course). If Inside The Actor’s Studio has left a hole in your heart, fill it with Hot Ones on Complex/First We Feast/YouTube. Albie and I are excited to check out The Plot Against America, the new HBO show…but while you’re on HBO, if you never watched Ja’mie: Private School Girl, what are you even doing with your life?
    • Podcasts: I’m listening to Showmance S2, which is a Glee Recap show, as I re-watch the whole show from the beginning. Others I’m listening to include Lunch Therapy, How To with Charles Duhigg, The Dating Game Killer, The Californian Century, The Alarmist, and 60-Second Science. I’m also going to check out My Year in Mensa and hoping it lives up to the hype. And we JUST dropped a show called The Immaculate Deception that looks amazing.
  • How can I help small businesses? Before I realized just how severe the situation was, I went out to bars and restaurants on Friday. I made sure to only go places where I could uphold social distancing, but I would act differently if I knew then what I know now. A big reason I wanted to go out was because I felt strongly about supporting small business. My family owns a small biz and I’m worried about how it could be impacted by an economic downturn of this degree. You’ve probably heard these already, but here are some things you can still do in the midst of a quarantine:
    • Order delivery: If restaurants are still offering contact-free delivery, order. It will help keep them afloat. And do you know anyone who can’t WFH? Maybe have dinner delivered to them since they’re not home to cook and grocery stores have limited hours. And maybe tip more than normal!
    • Gift cards: Buy gift cards for restaurants *or boutiques* that you can use at a later date – it gets money in their pockets now.
    • Order from ancillary sides of a business. My co-worker’s family is forced to close their incredible LA restaurant, Guelaguetza, during this time so I just placed an order for some of their moles.
  • What are you cooking? I did a major stock-up and am cooking up a storm. It’s very easy to cook a lot of pasta since it can really stretch a dollar, but that’s not the healthiest thing to eat every day so I’m trying to do a lot of meal planning. Here’s a look at a week+ of meals.