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Shredded Zhoug Chicken

After trying out the zhoug sauce in my grain bowl, I realized I immediately needed to find some other ways to incorporate it into my meals. I decided a slow cooker meal was in order so I started brainstorming. Greek yogurt became the go-to ingredient for three reasons: it’s very Mediterranean (like the zhoug sauce), it’ll temper the spice, and when it’s used as a marinade – especially in a slow cooker – it’ll create super tender chicken.

After 7 hours in the crock pot. This will shred easily and the sauce won’t look so weird.

First mix greek yogurt with Trader Joe’s zhoug sauce. Place boneless skinless chicken breasts on the bottom of a slow cooker with two sliced shallots. Cover with the yogurt mixture and some salt and cook on low for 7-8 hours (or high for 3.5). There are only 4 ingredients for this chicken. Sure, you’ll serve it over something, but that’s pretty tough to beat.

I served mine over cauliflower rice with roasted brussels sprouts. I also made some extra zhoug yogurt to put on top, and it really made the dish. When I first used zhoug last week, my beau found it too spicy for his lil palate. This time, when I mixed it with yogurt in the right proportions, he had 2 plates full.

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