Sushi by M

This is one of the best meals I’ve had in a long time. Sushi by M continues to pop up on lists of “Best Omakase Deals” and when Rebekah and I wanted to plan a celebratory sushi meal, it was the first place to come across my radar. Here’s the thing: it’s a great deal. It’s also just a great meal. Period. There are basically two options: $50 or $95.

There are 12 pieces in the $50 option and a whopping 18 pieces in the $95 option. (Note: there’s also a kosher menu, which I thought was very thoughtful.) As far as omakase goes, these are great prices. A 12-piece omakase at a reasonably priced restaurant will easily set you back $75 so this is surprisingly inexpensive. And when you see the quality and creativity of the fish, you realize it’s a freakin steal.

The restaurant is tiny – maybe 10 seats total? At the most. The meal is exactly an hour long so get ready to rock when you arrive. The vibe is fun. Our sushi chef joked with us throughout the meal and the soundtrack featured artists like Jay Z. The restaurant didn’t feel stodgy or prim, and the food reflected that.

We went all out. Who knew when we’d get the chance to go again? We went with the $95 menu and got some add-ons at the end of the meal. (I’ll get to that in a bit.) I didn’t get photos of every single piece, but I did get a pic of the menu so hopefully that helps clarify things. I would have been full from the $50 menu (especially if I did some additions…again, I’ll get to that later), but there were a few items on the big menu I found to be very special. The shrimp topped with caviar, scallop toped with the teeniest bit of nori and edible flowers, the baby squid on monkfish…wow. So so good. I might have enjoyed those pieces even more than the uni/wagyu combo. Yes, you heard me. They put those two things together.

Now for these add-ons. There are about six special items you can tack onto the end of your meal. They’re most famous for the Big Mac. It’s chopped toro, seared toro, wagyu, and two kinds of uni piled high into a folded piece of seaweed. It’s $18 for that one piece. Would I do it again? YES. Rebekah and I both got that and one of the other special add-ons. She went with the Whitney, which included salmon and an egg; I got the Three Amigos, which was an oyster, roe, and uni. Loved it. This meal included lots of uni, by the way. And I love me some uni so I was very happy.

It’s been 2.5 weeks since this meal and I’m still thinking about it. Sushi by M, you have my heart.