PSA: Obsessive Chocolate Disorder

Mark this place down for when you’re able to leave the house. Or better yet, order from them online because small businesses can use all the help they can get in this COVID-19 crisis. After our Sushi by M meal, Rebekah introduced me to Obsessive Chocolate Disorder, a small East Village chocolate shop that is producing inventive and delicious high quality confections. She first found it when trying to pass the time while waiting at the nearby precinct…but that’s a story for another day.

Seriously, chocolatier Sebastian Brecht is a cocoa genius. I tried 6 different bon bons (that’s much more my scene than the bars – though Rebekah got a peanut butter bar that she just about died over). The flavor profiles of my sweets were quite varied, from bananas foster to pink peppercorn to Japanese whiskey to dulce de leche. My favorite had to have been one of Brechts experimental piecees: vinegar. It was incredible.

Like a bomb with both red and blue wires, Brecht has a technical side and a whimsical one. The technical piece is exemplified in his perfection of ingredient ratios and the classes he teaches, while the whimsical part is seen in both the unexpected flavor combos and rotating artists featured on the wall of his cute shop.

Brecht is super knowledgable. When we asked about the current ruby chocolate craze, he gave us a mini lesson on the production of chocolate. His excitement is infectious. He can’t wait to share his latest creation, offering tastes aplenty. It’s all very Village meets Main Street. He is the kind of small business owner you love to support.