These are strange and unprecedented times we are currently living in. With the rapid spread of COVID-19, most of us (certainly all in the tri-state area an other major cities) are on full lockdown. I’m hoping people take the quarantine seriously so this thing can be contained as quickly as possible.

By 4 PM on Saturday, I realized the severity of the situation. Until then, I thought it was fine as long as I wasn’t among large groups of people, was washing my hands, and was near nobody exhibiting symptoms. Now we know this can be transmitted by people who showed no symptoms of the virus, but before then, we thought it was fine to congregate in groups of, say, 5 healthy people. That’s why we felt it was fine to hang with Shawn, Kathleen, and baby Grace on Saturday morning/afternoon. Thankfully, we’re all still very healthy, but I wouldn’t risk it again. What did we do? While the guys played golf on an empty course, the gals had a good catchup over coffee. Then we all came together to celebrate Pi Day. We had pizza and margarita pie (which is basically key lime pie with tequila and delicious). The pizza actually came from Johnny’s in Mount Vernon, which came highly recommended by Barstool. It definitely lived up to the hype.

While I was stocking up at Trader Joe’s before the quarantine, I decided to buy an orchid. It was only $12.99 so it’s not a major investment if I kill it (likely), but I thought it would go a long way towards making my new work from home space a nice one.

One of the most important things we stocked up on? COFFEE. We got fancy beans from three different coffee shops. The one in the plastic cup is from a local spot at the end of our block that doesn’t sell bags of coffee but agreed to grind a pound up for us. We should be set for a while. These are the little things that will keep us sane throughout this.