Mole Brussels Sprouts

I like to mix it up each Taco Tuesday so I may have had leftover mole paste last week but I didn’t want to make mole chicken again. This time, I used the mole on the side dish and it came out great. One of the great things about La Guelaguetza (and their mole) is the catalog of recipes that can be found on their site. I didn’t follow this one exactly (based on what I had in the house and which mole I already had opened) but the idea is the same and the result delicious.

Basically, you’re just tossing the vegetable in a vinaigrette and roasting it. Simple as that. For my mole vinaigrette I used mole negro paste, apple cider vinegar, brown sugar, olive oil, and garlic powder. I didn’t measure anything out, just tasted it until it seemed right. I roasted the halved brussels sprouts as I normally would and then topped them with queso fresco.

I feel like my beau was a bit wary at first. Mole on brussels sprouts? That seems crazy. But guess what – no leftovers.