3 Years

Bringing back the annual anni Q&A

This year’s anniversary is a bit different since we’re stuck in quarantine. Our anniversary is usually an excuse to get out and enjoy all the amazing things our city has to offer, like Broadway shows and the wonder that is Eataly. It’s also a bit different because our anniversary falls on the first night of Passover, which means I can’t even plan a unique at-home date night. Not being able to eat carbs on my anniversary makes it seem distinctly less celebratory. I’m still planning to make the best of it, starting by keeping tradition alive with a Q&A – as always, we answer separately!

HOT TIP: You can reminisce about our first and second anniversaries.

  1. What was your favorite date night in your 3rd year of marriage?
    • Albert: Our first trip to Tokyo Record Bar (and Air’s Champagne Bar)! Not only was it to celebrate a belated birthday for you, but it was a fun atmosphere overall with good food/snacks and Sake, and now it’s grown to an experience where we’ve started to incorporate friends!
    • Tess: I loved pretty much every night in Greece, but the nights in Athens were pretty solid date nights, filled with us discovering cool bars and restaurants. Second favorite would have to be our Bouncing Around Europe quarantine date night, where we got dressed up, ate dishes from six different European countries, played records, lit candles, and had some great conversation.
  2. What’s your favorite outfit that your spouse wears?
    • Albert: Tess’s comfy clothes/PJ’s!
    • Tess: Jeans, dress shoes, and a button down with cufflinks.
  3. What is your spouse’s most endearing habit?
    • Albert: Tess’s love for trying new recipes
    • Tess: I love getting my weekend coffee.
  4. Name the hardest part of quarantine.
    • Albert: Not being able to go outside for park picnics/weekend adventures! (Also, no golfing 😥)
    • Tess: It actually hasn’t been too bad – maybe I’m more of a homebody than I realized? We’re so lucky to have a large apartment so we’re not on top of each other all day and have done a good job defining separate spaces, setting routines, and getting inventive with date nights. We may even be connecting with friends more while quarantined, thanks to video chats, so we’re not short on fun. That said, we had to cancel several vacations and who knows if we’ll ever get them back on the calendar. I was really looking forward to an exciting getaway and knowing that won’t happen has been quite a bummer.
  5. What’s something you’re looking forward to in Year 4?
    • Albert: Planning a fun trip together and continuing to grow as a couple through everyday experiences.
    • Tess: Hopefully we’ll get to re-book that trip! I’m also looking forward to more Taco Tuesdays – one of my absolute favorite traditions.