Sushi Lab

When we rented a car two weeks ago, the number one goal on the list was to use it to go golfing. Well, that was my beau’s number one goal. My primary objective was to get new takeout. I love the restaurants in my neighborhood and would likely choose them over others any day, but knowing I’m restricted to them and don’t have the choice to get food from anywhere feels stifling. At the time, there was no good sushi spot in my neighborhood that was open so that’s what I set my sights on.

With a car, all of Manhattan was available to me so I could get my sushi fix anywhere. I decided I didn’t want rolls – I wanted some legit omakase. I didn’t want to break the bank and kinda wanted to try something new. I looked back at my Instagram and realized I’d saved some posts about Sushi Lab. When I realized it was relatively close to another errand we were running, I decided it was the winner.

I phoned in my order and was immediately comforted in my restaurant choice when the gentleman I spoke to helped guide me through the menu, telling me when I was about to order way too much and helping me choose a sake based on my preferences. It should also be noted that he was on the mark with his recommendation and didn’t try to upsell me. I always appreciate that. I told him what time I wanted to pick it up and paid over the phone so we could make the pick-up relatively contact-free.

One thing that made Sushi Lab perfect for us is their small but just-varied-enough menu. I like “legit” sushi. Gimme all the super simple, high quality, totally raw stuff…but give my beau the rolls and mostly cooked stuff. We were both happy here. Albie got charred edamame, shrimp tempura bowl, and crab roll. We both got miso soup, and I ordered the chef’s selection omakase, which included 10 pieces and a roll of the day (I think mine was yellowtail?), and a scallop roll. The sushi was all delicious and the scallop roll with it’s not-too-overpowering truffle mushroom was wonderful. $60 for the omakase and a scallop roll is a pretty solid deal. Especially in Times Square, which is usually home to…well…nothing good. And I was so happy to have good sushi after an unintended 3+ month hiatus. I may just have to rent a car and do it again..