Quarantine Q&A: Update (Part 4)

Memorial Day has come and gone and we’re still quarantined. That means more free time to consume content and do stuff around the house. Here’s my latest roundup of ideas. (Feel free to check out Part 3, Part 2, and Part 1 of these posts for further inspo.)


  • Cooking/Recipes:
    • Craft Cocktails – I had been dying to go to a new(ish) local spot, Sugar Monk, and actually had plans to do so the weekend quarantine started. This is a true mixology-focused bar (a rarity in Harlem) and has been getting lots of good buzz. Thankfully, they’ve started offering cocktails to go so we were able to pick up some of their drinks and enjoy them at home. They even package up the garnishes so I was able to pour them into one of my fancier glasses and enjoy a drink at NYC’s most exclusive speakeasy.
    • No-Knead Bread – I don’t have a sourdough starter so I’m not jumping on that train, but I would like to try the famous (and famously easy) no-knead bread made famous by the NYT.
  • Other Activities:
    • Renting a Car – We rented a car recently and took full advantage. It meant I could go wild at Trader Joe’s, pick up food from downtown restaurants as a change of pace, and travel to see friends and family (at a distance). It cost about $300 to have it Friday to Monday and since we haven’t been spending a ton of Money lately, it was worth every penny.
    • Stay The Fuck Inside – We recently played this drinking game that’s totally fun and totally charitable. 100% of the proceeds go to COVID relief, and it’s actually a fun game!
    • Donated Books – I love when I go into an independent bookstore and they have an area that invites you to “go on a blind date with a book.” Books are wrapped in butcher paper with clues written on the outside to indicate who might enjoy them. Since my bookshelf is currently overflowing, I decided to set up a table of my own in my building’s lobby. It was a fun project that hopefully brightened up my neighbors’ days.


  • Books:
    • Happy & You Know It – This is my latest Book of the Month pick about a playgroup musician getting a glimpse into the lives of Upper East Side mommies.
    • The Heir Affair – I’ve been so excited to get my hands on this sequel to The Royal We, one of my fave cotton candy distraction reads.
    • GMA Lists – I’m not a GMA gal (Today Show all the way!) but they’ve had some good lists lately, like this one and this one. My TBR list is rapidly growing.
  • Movies:
    • Circus of Books – This documentary about a gay porn shop in LA turned into a more heartwarming tale than I expected. The store’s proprietors look nothing like you imagine and I enjoyed watching them settle into a place of contentment (and advocacy) after struggling to reconcile their faith with their business.
    • Casablanca – Sometimes a classic is super comforting. We watched this and turned our living room into our own speakeasy. (I’ve also been getting that warm and fuzzy feeling from old faves like Father of the Bride – don’t discount something just because you’ve watched it a million times.)
    • How to Build A Girl – I’m a fan of Beanie Feldstein and can’t wait to watch her shine in this role.
    • Lovebirds – This rom-com is on my list and will likely be watched tonight.
  • TV:
    • Upload – I binged this adorable new Amazon Prime series in a day and a half.
    • Dead To Me – It seems like forever since Season 1 finished up so I’m happy to reacquaint myself with this dark comedy.
    • Nadiya’s Time To Eat – I loved Nadiya Hussain on The Great British Baking Show so I’m so happy she’s getting the spotlight on this new Netflix show that’s all about super quick cooking. She’s got some great hacks and cooks up delicious meals.
    • Queer Eye – Season 5 drops in one week and I’m super excited about it.
  • Podcasts:
    • Dating Diaries: Quarantine Confessions – We might be physically isolated, but that doesn’t mean we’re not still looking for an emotional connection. Dating doesn’t stop in a pandemic and this podcast interviews people who are in the trenches. It’s kinda like a real life rom-com.
    • Other People’s Problems – I can’t believe we get a glimpse into actual therapy sessions. You’d think this would be depressing, but I find it quite hopeful to see that we’re not going through things alone. Everyone can find an episode (or many) to identify with, which means you can actually pick up some tools to help you work through your own issues. It’s also nice to listen along as someone talks about coming out on the other side of emotional pain.
    • Inappropriate Questions – It’s mind boggling how so many people think it’s ok to blatantly ask super personal things like “have you had gender reassignment surgery?” or “what [race] are you?” I’m very into this podcast, which is hosted by a non-binary millennial and an accidentally-offensive, middle aged, Sikh man. People are curious but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be gentle when educating themselves. This podcast does just that in a truly accessible way with a truly diverse range of guests.
    • The Cheat Code – I haven’t listened to this one about a man and a woman who had an affair tell the story of how it happened, but my co-worker is newly obsessed with it so I think I’ll have to give it a listen.