Burritos y Mas

Living right next to Spanish Harlem, I always order tacos if I get Mexican delivered. And why wouldn’t I? They’re legit. But every once in a while you crave something that’s comforting even if it’s less authentic. That’s when you’re really feelin a burrito. I recently discovered Burritos y Mas, which sits just a tad below the Spanish Harlem border but offers higher quality burritos than any chain.

I got a carnitas taco with all the fixins (minus guac because I actually had a leftover avocado at home I knew I could add). While I’m not a vegetarian, I did notice a pretty impressive list of vegetarian and vegan options. This list also meant mushrooms and spinach were available to add to my burrito – a wise choice on my part. I found the fillings to be a bit lacking in the heat department, but that was fixed with their hot sauce. Problem solved. These burritos are MASSIVE. I immediately put half in the fridge for lunch the next day. Half a burrito is more than filling. It should also be noted that the distribution of ingredients is nice. Also nice? The fact that I got two meals out of this very hefty burrito for $15 (and it would have only been $12 if it weren’t for the mushroom and spinach additions).

If I want Mexico style tacos, I’ll stick to my Spanish Harlem faves, but if it’s a California style burrito I crave, this is where I’m ordering. Now If I could home in on that Cali style even further and have them make it a San Diego style burrito, I’d be in absolute heaven.