I had an interesting start to the week when I was told a major piece of a project due on Wednesday had potentially not been started by the person responsible for it. It was bringing back bad school group project memories.

We stopped in Astoria for sandwiches on our way to the beach on Sunday and I loved this bike art situation on the street. Thank you to whomever thought we could use a little delight on a random, drab sidewalk.

We took a trip to Arthur Avenue for lunch and to stock up on goodies. The food there is just so good and so fresh!

On Saturday I made a big meat and cheese plate and the rest of our meal was made entirely on the grill. I gotta say, that’s the way to do summer supper. Every single item on the grill and no turning on the oven or stove. The apartment stays cool, the food tastes extra delicious, and cleanup is a breeze. After enjoying our meal and some vino outside, we headed back indoors for a movie night. It was such a perfect evening that I’m campaigning for a full repeat this Saturday. Side note: this was my first time grilling swordfish and I’m now a big fan.