Spinach Quinoa with Smoked Mozzarella

Unfortunately, I don’t have many pics because I didn’t really realize I was doing anything different or special with this dish until it was done. But it actually tasted new and different once it was all combined.

While quinoa is cooking, simmer a full bag of frozen spinach. Once that’s cooked up (about 5 minutes), drain and add a bag of frozen mushrooms and sauté until they’re warmed through. The trick is to have more of the veg than the quinoa. Combine the quinoa and veggies and toss with smoked mozz that you’ve chopped into small cubes and shredded parmesan. Salt, pepper, and truffle oil to round things out. (Truffle oil is not necessary, but it goes really well with the leftover version of this dish, in which you top it with a fried egg or two.)

I think the reason this felt unique is because it was spinach with quinoa, not quinoa with spinach…if that makes sense. Also, smoked mozzarella adds a new note of flavor here. No measurements since I wasn’t planning on blogging this recipe but, so long as the ratio is in favor of the leafy green, this works because it comes out like a better, more textured spinach.