Wow. It’s fall. Two weeks ago it was nearly 90 degrees and now it’s downright chilly in the mornings. I’m determined to enjoy it this year, though. So often I spend too much time lamenting the end of summer that I forget about fall and go straight into being bummed about freezing winters. This year, even though we’re not able to do group activities, I want to stop and recognize the season. That means looking at the changing leaves and wearing distinctly fall outfits. Heck, I’ll even throw a tailgating party for the two of us at home!

Because it’s getting chillier, I have a feeling my outdoor runs have an expiration date. I’ve probably got another 6-8 weeks before I consider it too cold to run, so I want to enjoy it while I can. This week, I changed up my route so I could enjoy a beautiful view of the Harlem Meer on my little jog. I feel very lucky to live so close to this particularly pretty area of Central Park.

We celebrated Taco Tuesday as always, but this week we did taco salads. You can’t see all the layers, but this was a particularly epic salad. Romaine lettuce topped with ground beef, seasoned corn & black beans, pickled onions, black olives, radishes, cucumber, bell pepper, hearts of palm, avocado, shredded cheese, chipotle crema, and avocado ranch. Dang was it good. We’re going to have to do that more often.

I took advantage of several Labor Day sales and the loot is still trickling in. I love this sweet little barrette from Bauble Bar. It’s a perfect size for someone like me, with fine hair. Also, as someone who doesn’t enjoy shopping, I am surprised by how happy a little refresh made me. When every day starts to look the same in this pandemic, it’s nice to introduce some new things to my closet. It’s silly, but even something like a new tshirt can break up the monotony.