PSA: Sahadi’s

For years friends have been singing the praises of Sahadi’s, a Middle Eastern market in Brooklyn. I’ve wanted to go for a long time but never found myself in the area – at least not when I could lug groceries back with me. Finally, I decided it was time to make this market the destination – not just a mere stop during the day – and made a plan specifically to go there.

Gaines is one of those friends who has been very vocal about his love of Sahadi’s. He lives nearby and met me to give me the tour and shopping tips. It’s not a huge store, but it’s sectioned out nicely so it doesn’t feel crammed.

You’ll see a coffee setup right when you walk in – we tried two varieties and had them ground for the French press – and just beyond that is the bulk food sections. This is where you can get nuts, dried fruit, and chocolates. I was pretty stocked on that stuff so I skipped it and headed straight for the next section: cheese, identified by its neon sign. I was drawn to that sign like a mosquito to a bug zapper. I tried one local cheese and one of the fresh fetas. This is where I started to realize how great this place was. There are 4 types of feta that they’ll slice off for you. I went with the Bulgarian because I requested a creamier feta.

Next up is the prepared food section, where I grabbed some spicy hummus, taramosalata, grape leaves stuffed with lamb, and a stuffed bread.

After that, I perused the dry goods, which has a really nice selection of imported pantry items. I got a kabab spice mix and fruit rollups (the real kind).

Finally, I hit up the bakery for some zataar chips and a loaf of rosemary bread. The bread was still warm from the oven.

I immediately made myself a little platter when I got home and snacked on everything throughout the week. Everything was absolutely delicious. I can’t pick a favorite – don’t make me! – but would say the fresh dips and anything from the bakery are must-buys. Italian markets usually get all the love but this Middle Eastern hot spot holds a special place in my heart.