Whipped Ricotta Toast

Whipped ricotta toast is a signature appetizer at Misi in Brooklyn. (Just peep their tagged photos on Insta, it features prominently.) While I may not be lucky enough to have tried that specific app, I figured this was probably something I could make myself with minimal effort. Turns out it is something I can make myself – and you can too – and boy is it a show stopper.

In your food processor, blend whole milk ricotta with a little half and half and pink peppercorns. Start with just a bit of half and half and add more as you go. Purée until it’s that stunning whipped consistency. Next, toast slices of French bread. (Note: I was using a crusty rosemary roll. Since that had the flavor of the herbs, I kept the ricotta super simple. It using plain French bread, perhaps add a touch of honey. Also, I simply toasted mine in a toaster, but you could also do in the oven with a drizzle of olive oil – I was keeping things suuuuper simple.) Put your ricotta in a ziplock baggie and snip that tip, giving yourself a wide enough opening that it’ll mean ~1/2 inch pipe. Zig zag your ricotta on the toast and top with some smoked maldon salt.

The beauty in this is the simplicity. You can find plenty of versions online that are topped with fruit or slow roasted tomatoes, but I happen to think this dish is best with very few adornments. And the signature large piping is gorge. This took zero time to make but has the air of a restaurant starter. Imagine one of these on everyone’s plate at a dinner party! Wait…dinner party? What’s that?