Best Dishes of 2021

What I loved eating this year

With the pandemic still raging, there weren’t a ton of new dishes in 2021, but a few meals still made quite the impression

  • Birria Tacos
    • Where I Ate It: Ollin
    • What It Cost: $15
    • Why It’s So Freakin’ Delicious: Birria became very popular this year and this restaurant makes some of the best. The meat in consommé is so tender and the cheese has a nice pull. Tacos won’t be the same after you try these.
  • Piña Colada Granola
    • Where I Ate It: Tom’s Perfect 10
    • What It Cost: $20/bag (after loving it two months in a row, I signed up for the 6-month subscription)
    • Why It’s So Freakin’ Delicious: Tom has a way with granola. I look forward to my bag every month. The flavors are so innovative and I’m always excited to see what he comes up with next. I can’t believe I pay this much for a small bag of granola, but it might be the best I’ve ever had.
  • Whipped Ricotta Toast
    • Where I Ate It: My home
    • What It Cost: $7? (At most)
    • Why It’s So Freakin’ Delicious: I cooked a few standout recipes this year (creamed corn with cheddar, tomato toast, and roasted broccoli/cauliflower with bacon, almonds, & capers all come to mind), but this was the winner. It’s so simple, yet super elegant. It’s sure to impress guests and tastes as spectacular as it looks.
  • Brown Sugar DKA
    • Where I Ate It: Dominique Ansel Workshop
    • What It Cost: $6
    • Why It’s So Freakin Delicious: Ansel has mastered the croissant cross-section. This confection is the best of a croissant but goes a bit further with brown sugar that gets it nice and caramelized. If I want to take croissant to sweet treat territory, I’m going with this over a chocolate croissant any day.