Zucchini Noodle Ravioli

A while ago, blogger Caitlin Covington (of Southern Curls & Pearls) posted zucchini ravioli and I thought it was genius. This is not ravioli filled with zucchini (though I actually think that would be delicious…mental note to create that recipe later); it’s ravioli where zucchini becomes the noodles. What a great way to cut out carbs aka what a great meal for Passover! Her recipe is super easy, but mine is even easier. So easy, in fact, that you can prep, cook, and eat the whole thing during your lunch break if you’re WFH.

Start by making your filling, which is just whole milk ricotta and prepared pesto, mixed. I didn’t use measurements – just mixed til the color looked right and it passed the taste test. Set aside while you make your noodles by shaving zucchini, lengthwise, with a vegetable peeler. I managed to get 9 ravioli out of two zucchini. Build the ravioli by laying out your zoodles in a plus sign shape – lay two strips next to each other, slightly overlapping, and place two more over them perpendicularly. Plop a heaping spoonful of the ricotta pesto mixture in the middle and fold the zucchini over it, starting with the top piece and then going clockwise. Once all four ends have been folded over, you’ll have sealed in the filling and it looks like an adorable little package. Lay it into a baking dish, seam side down, until you’ve filled the dish. Cover the ravioli with some store bought marinara and shredded parmesan. Bake in a 375 oven for about 18 minutes and then transfer to the broiler for another 2+ minutes until the parmesan gets nice and bubbly.

I highly recommend you let these cool for a bit before diving in. I couldn’t contain myself, which means I was left with less than picture perfect plating. Zucchini naturally releases a lot of water and when paired with the marinara, you’ll have some liquid in the dish. If it sits for a bit, however, that’ll set up and it won’t be so runny. Even though I couldn’t wait, the flavor was still on point. I’ll definitely make them again but would love to add some sort of protein, salad, or bread (or all of the above) for a future supper.

If you let yours cool for a few minutes, they’ll look much prettier than this