Everything Bagel Salmon Bowl

Ok so this doesn’t taste like a bagel but it’s got all the best parts of a bagel breakfast – and, IMO, served up in better forms. For instance, I very much dislike lox…but I love cooked salmon. And I hate a super thick smear of cream cheese, but a cream cheese sauce is something I can get behind. This is also a very hands-off dish to prepare and comes together very quickly, which is good since the whole point of Bowl Night is to keep things simple.

Cook up some quinoa and top a piece of salmon with all sorts of everything bagel seasoning. You read that right – the salmon needs zero other prep. Stick the fish in a 375 oven and in about 20 minutes, both the quinoa and the salmon will be done. The only other cooking you need to do is make the cream cheese sauce. Sauté chopped scallions in a bit of butter in a saucepan and then add some light cream cheese. Whisk as the cream cheese melts and add half and half or milk until it reaches the desired consistency. Serve with some arugula and capers. This is one of those meals where measurements aren’t really necessary.

This bowl was super light but super satisfying. I say this a lot, but it was also one of the easiest meals I’ve thrown together, which means I’ll definitely be making it again. No fuss and, unlike a real bagel, no crumbs.