All Green Everything Veggie Sandwich

I blame a blogger. I was scrolling through my blog feed and was fully inspired by Natalie’s recent meals. She made a veggie sandwich that just looked absolutely delicious. I made a plan to make my own version the very next day. I should note, this is rare for me. A sandwich without meat (or at least falafel) doesn’t really feel like a sandwich, but this was absolutely incredible. There are a lot of ingredients but very little prep involved so this comes together quickly. I also love how it looks with everything being green. Sure, you could use regular tomatoes, but the firmness of green ones (or at least heirloom ones) are so much better. When it comes to tomatoes, if they don’t practically crunch, I don’t want em.

Start by spreading two slices of multigrain bread with cream cheese and sprinkling with dill (fresh or dried – either works). Next, start piling. The trick is to order the ingredients so they stick to some of the others and don’t go slipping and sliding everywhere. This order worked for me – my sandwich resulted in little mess. On one side of the bread, stick a bunch of sprouts to the cream cheese (this will be your top piece of bread. Build the rest on the other slice in the following order, from bottom to top: swiss cheese, sliced green tomato, half an avocado (mash a bit if possible), more swiss cheese, lettuce (I used butter lettuce), and sandwich pickles. Close up the sandwich, slice in half, and enjoy.

It may be meat-free, but it’s so packed with ingredients that it still looks like a Dagwood sandwich. I was so proud of my creation that I told my beau I thought it should be on the menu at a restaurant. I don’t have pull at any restaurants so that’ll never happen, but it’ll remain on the lunch menu Chez Neudeck for the foreseeable future.