Citrus Sorbet Cups

Luca was getting pretty good reviews as the latest Pixar film so I immediately made plans to have a family movie night with the boys. Of course, I had to theme the menu around the movie so we had a pasta meal that ended with a special Italian dessert. When I realized the movie took place in a seaside Italian town I immediately recalled the Positano specialty of lemon [or orange] sorbet served in a cup made from the lemon [or orange] peel.

To recreate this dessert, simply halve the fruit, scoop out the flesh, and fill it with a mound of sorbet. For 8 servings (aka 4 oranges) we used about 2.5 pints of blood orange sorbet. It’s easy but just takes a bit of elbow grease, especially if the sorbet is very frozen. Once assembled, cover in plastic wrap and re-freeze til you’re ready to serve. If you’re feelin fancy, you can always top with a sprig of mint.

The only problem is that oranges can be a rather large fruit so each serving was a lot of sorbet…though some might not see that as a problem. Refreshing, no-bake, and fun to eat. It’s also easy for the kids to help out in the kitchen with this one so their involvement doesn’t just have to be movie watching.