Starland Yard

The summer before the pandemic, Starland Yard opened in Savannah. Little did we know, this would be an ideal spot to weather the panny. Basically it’s a fully outdoor restaurant (there’s some covered areas in case of rain) that hosts rotating food trucks. There’s also a permanent pizza restaurant (closed on mondays) and a bar. It’s also right next door to Two Tides Brewing, which is…convenient.

Starland Yard is an ideal place for families because kids can run around, adults can grab some bevvies, everyone can enjoy cornhole, and you can pick and choose whatever type of food strikes your fancy. The ordering is made extra easy because you leave your card at the front, run up a tab at the various trucks, and pay on your way out. For just these reasons, my fam loves it so we decided to make a night of it. We picked Monday because my brother knew the Loki truck (his fave) was going to be there that night. Since there were only two trucks, I figured it would be easy enough to try both my brother’s recommendation and the other truck, Renowned (which my parents like so much they once had it cater an event).

We tried a little bit of everything. From Renowned, we got seafood fries that were great but could have used a bit more of the sauce. When you’ve got a truly good topping, it’s a shame when not every fry can get some of that love. We also tried the wings from Renowned, choosing the mustard bbq sauce and requesting extra crispy. I was so happy to see that not only were they actually crispy (as requested), but they were dressed with the perfect amount of sauce. Not so much that it was all over your hands but enough to give you all the flavor. From the Loki truck I tried some of the chicken sandwich, which was a fried juicy juicy chicken thigh covered in a sweet and sticky spicy sauce on a brioche bun with some nice lookin lettuce. It was a winner. At that point I was getting too full to eat anything else so I just stared longingly at the salmon pita, which my Mom, Allison, and Reed all really enjoyed.

After eating we were more than happy to hang out in the yard, playing corn hole. When we tired of that, we moseyed over to the bar area where the activity of the evening (there is an activity most evenings) was music bingo and everyone was gettin involved. Making random friends at a bar is one of my favorite things in life.

This place is ideal when you’ve got a group that’s divided on what they want to eat, but it’s also ideal simply because there are things to do. You don’t have to plan much – just show up. And if you’re a fun bride, this would be a very cool place for a wedding, just sayin.