Twenty Twenty Two

What I hope to accomplish this year

  1. I want to master the schedule for the bambino in hopes that he quickly becomes a good sleeper. Related: I have a goal of breastfeeding (whether that’s nursing, pumping, or a combo) for at least 3 months.
  2. My closet is getting out of control. I want to start purging and organize seasonally, taking advantage of space under the bed as well as our storage unit.
  3. I need to go on more walks. When I don’t have anywhere specific to be (due to either remote work due to the pandemic or maternity leave) I can go days without going outside. That’s terrible for both my mind and my body. I’m setting a goal to go outside 5 days per week. And if it’s just too darn cold, then I better get myself on the treadmill with a podcast to clear my head and get a change of scenery.
  4. No more phone before bed. The last thing I should do before closing my eyes is read a book.
  5. Check in with friends more via simple text. With life getting increasingly busy/complicated, I plan to set reminders on my phone so I remember to text [for example] Rebekah to see how the preschool search went.