Milano Market

The Upper East Side is not where I would guess you’d find a legit Italian sandwich. When I saw (several times over) cross-sections of sandwiches on my Instagram Discover page, I figured I was looking at lunch sourced from the Bronx. And yet, each time I clicked the geotag revealed a shop at 89th and 3rd that I must have walked past a million times. Since I avoided deli meat during my pregnancy, I knew I wanted to treat myself to a truly great sandwich when I was in the hospital and it was conveniently in Milano Market‘s delivery radius. The first thing you should know is that this shop has everything you need in a gourmet Italian market. Imported goods, cheeses/breads/pastries, prepared foods, and catering capabilities. I’m sure I’ll stop by in the future for parties and such, but the second thing you should know is that they are churning out serious sandwiches.

My beau got the Sinatra: breaded chicken cutlet, prosciutto, mozzarella, tomato, roasted peppers, and basil with balsamic glaze on ciabatta. I had a hard time deciding, but I had to go with the sandwich that originally grabbed my attention on the ‘gram, the Amore. This sandwich is packed with prosciutto, a thick mess of burrata, and arugula with balsamic glaze on ciabatta. It had captured my attention, but now it has my heart. It was perfect. And since I got distracted in the hospital and didn’t eat it for quite some time, I can confirm it holds up quite well.

I would love to work my way through this sandwich menu, but I have a feeling it’ll be tough for me to move away from the Amore. I’m both shocked and excited to find sandwiches of this quality in the UES, but I’m certainly not complaining.