I’m practically pinching myself because I’m almost in Savannah. After 8 months away it almost doesn’t feel real that I’ll finally be back in my beloved hometown. I can’t wait for Finn to meet the rest of the fam and see where I grew up even though I know he won’t understand a moment of it.

I finally made it to my goal of pumping til April 1st. Yayyy me! It was an incredibly long four months and I’m so proud of myself. I didn’t want to pump and dump (breast milk is too precious) or worry about timing my drinks between pumping sessions so I simply didn’t drink the whole time. I also didn’t drink the whole time I was pregnant (obviously) or for months while TTC. That meant I was at 16+ months of no alcohol. I could have had two babies in that time! As I approached the finish line I started to plan my first drink. I picked up several wine and seltzer options, but when the day arrived I realized I really wanted a good, cold dirty martini with blue cheese stuffed olives. The store didn’t have any blue cheese olives so I picked up casteveltrano olives and some good quality blue cheese and made my own. They were soooo good. So was the drink…er, drinks.

My beau has been running 4 mile races around Central Park and we settled into a little post-race tradition of brunch at Barney Greengrass. This time I met him there after the race so we could introduce Finn to the NYC appetizing icon.

It’s hard to believe but tomorrow will be our 5-year anniversary. One of the best wedding gifts we received was this box of wines specifically chosen to be opened on our one-, five-, and ten-year anniversaries. I can’t wait to open this one tomorrow night and celebrate five wonderful years of marriage.