Book Review: Sari Not Sari

It’s summer, which means it’s romcom time and if you’re in the market for some extra light fare, this is a good one. Manny Dogra is one of those Boss Babes. She’s the founder of Breakup, a company that breaks up with your significant other via perfectly crafted note so you don’t have to. Her company is thriving and she’s one half of a major power couple. Life is going great until she sees herself on the cover of a magazine with her face appearing noticably whiter. While she always worked to assimilate into American culture, this feels a step too far and leads her to an identity crisis of sorts. Though she previously refused to work with Sammy Patel, she agrees to take him on as a client if he brings her to his family’s Big Fat Indian Wedding so she can better acquaint herself with her own culture.

I went into this expecting cheese and I got it. Honestly, because of those expectations, I didn’t mind and actually enjoyed the Bollywood cadence of it all. I also loved that each chapter begins with a wild Breakup request. What I didn’t love was the very last chapter. Did I assume the two would get together? Of course. (If you think that’s a spoiler, you’re too naive.) But the cheesiness of the final chapter and how it rushes to be wrapped up in one of those giant bows they use in car commercials…too much.

2.5 out of 5 stars. (I’m sorry but the last page just ruined it for me.)

Pair with: A hanky panky